August 23, 2018

As a Utah photographer, I get a lot of questions! What should I wear? How long will the session be? How long until I get my photos? This post is all about finding the answers quickly and easily. I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to email me on the contact page.


General Questions


  • Do you deliver every image you shoot? A: No, I do not. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focus shots, shots with bad expression and other images that my dilute the overall product delivery. Candid, and emotional shots are some of my favorites, but occasionally they are not flattering. With my expertise and experience of processing thousands of images each month, I may eliminate ones that I feel are duplicates and only deliver the best one.
  • Do you provide videography services? A: Not at this time. 
  • Do you do destination weddings? A: Yes! While TAM Photo Co. is based in Utah, I serve clients all around the world. For details about destination weddings, contact me because pricing is different depending on the location, and the time of year.
  • What types of sessions do you do? A: I primarily do couples and weddings. However, I also LOVE photographing small families and branding portraits. 
  • How will I receive my pictures? A: You will receive an email that will take you to a beautifully designed online gallery. From there, you will be able to view all your photos, select favorites, make purchases and most importantly, download the high resolution files of your images.

Post Production Questions


  • Do you touch up all the images that we receive? A: Yes I do. Every image I deliver is post produced with my unique signature style of post-production. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, and other corrections. Many photographers will not post produce any images, or will batch edit, meaning that not every photo gets hand edited. This means that you may have pictures that are too dark, have strange skin tones, or other common photography flaws. I pride myself in the time and quality that goes into every single delivered image.
  • How many images will I get? A: For engagement, couples, family and portrait sessions, you will receive at least 50 edited, high resolution images. For wedding days, you will receive at least 300 edited, high resolution images.

Wedding Day Questions


  • I have downtime between events on my wedding day. Will I be charged for that downtime? A: Downtime will only be charged if it is less than 2 hours. The reason for this is that if there are less than two hours between the events I am photographing, I will still be working most of that time. From taking down equipment, confirming that we got all the requested photos, and traveling, less than two hours does not provide real downtime. If there are more than two hours, I will not charge for the downtime. Time spent traveling to a second, or third wedding day location, setting up and taking down, or taking venue photos is not included as downtime.
  • What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time? A: I understand that not everything goes as planned during a wedding. I will never pack up before the contracted time, and moreover, I’m not leaving on the dot when the contracted time is up. Instead, I will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like me to stay, I will charge the rates specified in your contract.

Engagement Session Questions


  • When can we expect to see our photos from our engagement session? A: Post production for engagement, couples, portrait, and family sessions are completed no more than 2 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you require the images to be completed sooner, a rush process fee will be charged.
  • When should we do our engagement session? A: I encourage you to do your engagement session as soon as possible. The latest I suggest is at least 10-12 weeks prior to the wedding date due to the time necessary to post produce each image and complete any product order(s).

Bridal/Formal Session Questions


  • When can we expect to see our photos from our bridal/formal session? A: Post production for engagement, couples, portrait, and family sessions are completed no more than 2 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you require the images to be completed sooner, a rush process fee will be charged.
  • When should we do our bridal/formal session? A: I encourage you to do your bridal/formal session between 6 to 3 weeks before your wedding day. This allows enough time to get post production editing done, as well as provides time to get prints if desired.
  • How does a first look session work? A: Blog post coming soon! For now, contact me if you would like to ask about a first look session.

Image Download Questions and Legal Questions


  • What rights do I have to the digital prints? A: You have printing rights, which means you have the right to reprint images whenever you want. However, you may not sell your images for profit of publish your images without the written consent of TAM Photo Co.
  • Do you provide the RAW files from sessions and wedding days? A: Each of my packages comes with a full resolution image download. However, I do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files from our shoots because I believe in delivering a finished product. In fact, I’m often shooting with the end (post-produced) product in mind.
  • What if I lose my images? A: There is a $100 replacement charge for additional downloads after the event has been archived. I strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it from me.

Equipment Questions


  • What type of camera/equipment do you use? A: I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and as a backup, have have a Canon EOS 6D and will alter between a 35 mm lens, a 50 mm lens, and an 85 mm lens depending on the location and needs. I also have a flash that I use in dark situations like wedding receptions and send-offs.

Payment Questions


  • How do I reserve you for my date? A: All dates are reserved once I receive your signed contract and retainer.
  • What if we exceed our contracted rime for our session and/or wedding day coverage? A: Standard rates apply for overtime. Overtime is billed at the rate of $275/hour.
  • If we cancel the wedding will we receive our deposit back? A: No. Retainer fees are used to reserve your date. Once I’ve reserved your date, I do not accept new clients for your date. Because of this, the retainer is not refunded to compensate for unattainable losses.
  • If we change our wedding day to a different date will we be able to use our retainer towards a future date? A: If the change is made at least 1 month prior to the contracted date, the retainer may be applied to a new date with a $30 rescheduling fee. If the date change is requested less than 1 month prior to the contracted date, the retainer will not be applied to the new date, and a new retainer will be required.
  • Are there travel fees associated with session and/or wedding day shoot(s)? A: If the session, or wedding is over 1 hour away from Salt Lake City, UT travel fees will be applied. These fees will vary based on the location.

Other Questions


  • What should I bring for my sessions? A: Bring a couple outfits if you would like, and any meaningful props. Most importantly, bring your smiles, love, and a willingness to try out all the silly things I may ask!
  • How do we pick a location? Or do you pick? A: We will pick a location together if you do not already have one in mind. I will generally ask what type of location and vibe you want for your session, then provide a few options for you to choose from.
  • How many outfits do I bring? A: Feel free to bring up to two outfits. I also have a style guide for engagement sessions on my Instagram page here —->
  • How long is my session? A: Engagement, Couples, and Portrait sessions are 60-90 minutes. I don’t set a specific time, because I don’t want to limit our time. By giving this range, I don’t make you stand and pose for me any longer than you need to, but also ensure that we have enough time to get plenty of great photos. We may end up having such a great time that we don’t even realize 90 minutes have passed!
  • Can I bring my dog/cat/furry friend? A: YES!!! Just bring treats for them, and a friend to handle them when they are not in the photos.
  • Can I bring my sister? A: Yes!! But tell them to be prepared to help me carry your props, phones, wallets, keys, or hold my reflector in the perfect spot.
  • Can I bring my mom? A: Yes!! Same as above.
  • Can my friend take photos behind you? A: I know everybody wants photos of their own, so I will rarely ask someone to stop taking photos. I just ask that they stay out of the way, and credit me as the main photographer in any photos they post on social media.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out on my contact page.

xx, Tami


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