Customizable Wedding Invitation: Classic Monochrome

April 29, 2022

Take a look at this Timeless Customizable Wedding Invitation Set.

Featured on Wedding Chicks, this customizable wedding invitation is the perfect combination of modern and classic design elements. Originally designed in a fun turquoise, blue-green color theme, this set is also stunning in Black and White if you’re looking for a more traditional set.

The inspiration for this set really started when I saw the main font. I loved how it modern it was while still being timeless. I also knew that I really wanted to play with different tones of the same color. Starting with the main invitation card, I added all the typical wording included in Wedding Invitations. Once that was all added, I realized that I didn’t want to add much more and overcrowd it. I loved the simplicity and versatility of it. With the coloring and font being so simple, it really allows the finishing touches to stand out. The best thing about this set? We can customize it for ANY wedding colors.

In the black and white, I love this set with the deckled paper, but I think the clean lines are perfect with the colors. This is what allows me to print the set in any color at all! I don’t have to find paper in the right color, instead I can find the exact color digitally, and then print that color onto white paper. So, if you have unique wedding colors, this is definitely the set for you! We can do the entire set in one main color, or change up the tones like in the sample set to add some dimension.

The possibilities for this set are really endless. The perfect place to start? Send me a message with your wedding colors and what finishing touches you love. We’ll customize this set to perfectly tell your story and make your vision come to life.

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Customizable Wedding Invitation Set
RSVP Card of Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation set in Black & White

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