9 Utah Engagement Photo Locations

June 5, 2022

There’s really no shortage of gorgeous locations in Utah, so settle in and enjoy this list of 9 Unique Utah Engagement Photo Locations.

With so many places to chose from, picking the perfect Utah Engagement Location for your session can be daunting.

From mountains and forests, to deserts, rolling fields, and lakes, there are so many different Utah Engagement Photo Locations to choose from, and vibes you can get. Depending on the season too, some of these Utah locations become inaccessible or may look totally different than you thought. That’s what I’m here to help with. Your Utah Engagement Photos deserve to be everything you’ve envisioned.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite locations anywhere from Ogden to Park City to Nephi, and of course my stomping ground, Salt Lake City. I’ll also help give you an idea of what seasons are best, when to avoid certain spots, which ones are dog-friendly photoshoot locations, and much more!

Some of these Utah engagement photo locations are in national parks, public lands, and state parks so always practice “Leave No Trace” principles to keep the land beautiful for all those who come to enjoy it! I always stay up-to-date on access and photography permits, but if you’re planning to go there on your own make sure to do your research!

1) Guardsman’s Pass

Located a little past Park City, Guardsman’s Pass gives mountain-top views without actually having to climb a mountain. To get to this stunning lookout point, you just have to know where to pull-over. From the road, it’s only about a 5 minute walk to these rock formations. This is also a dog-friendly canyon which is getting harder and harder to find. This canyon does get closed off in the winter, so it is definitely a Summer & Autumn location.

Overall, this easily accessible location is great for those who want the adventurous vibes without having to strap on your hiking boots. After your Utah engagement photos, have dinner in Park City and make a whole date night out of your engagement session.

2) Downtown Salt Lake City Rooftop

This one has got to be one of my all-time favorites locations. In Downtown Salt Lake City, this parking garage rooftop is super easy to get to, has incredible city views, and can be accessed all year-round. If you want more variety, you can also leave your car at the parking garage and walk around the area. You’ll find classic brick walls, cute side streets, and classic architecture. If you’re looking for a more industrial look, this is definitely the right place for you to take your utah engagement photos.

Depending on the day of the week and time, you may have to pay between $5-$10 to access the parking garage. You can also park on the street though, and walk up.

3) Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon is one of those spots that feels like a little getaway from typical Utah Scenery for me. Located in the Wasatch Range, this canyon has so many different little nooks and spots where you can pull over and get stunning photos. As a PNW-Native, Jordan Pines feels a little like home to me and is one of my favorites, but if you drive up a little further, there’s also Silver Lake which has a little boardwalk and trails that loop around the whole thing. Both of these locations are super easy to access, but this canyon is a watershed so no pups allowed.

Since this is in the canyon, it can be difficult to access in the winter so if you are wanting snowy pictures here, I would recommend going in the early or late winter. Otherwise, it’s beautiful all year-round.

4) Antelope Island

Probably my most-requested location, Antelope Island has everything from beaches, to open fields, to mountains to totally unique rock structures and so much more. It is one of the most varied locations in Utah and if you plan well, you can get all the different looks in one session. Even if you don’t need engagement photos, it is still a must-visit location in Utah and only about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City.

This location is a State Park so it is a little more expensive than other locations with a $15 entry fee and a $40 photography permit. I also HIGHLY recommend avoiding it from Mid-April until after July due to horrible biting gnats. Bug-spray does nothing to them. It is dog-friendly though and in my opinion, totally worth the price the rest of the year! I’m also always down to carpool from the entrance to reduce entry fees.

5) Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Believe it or not, this location is actually located in Utah! In Juab County, Utah Little Sahara Recreation Area is about an hour south of Provo and features 60,000 acres of open desert landscape. It’s a great year-round option since it doesn’t change much with the seasons, just be careful on windy days! With rolling sand dunes and dessert trees and brush, it’s a popular spot for motorbiking and camping in addition to stunning photoshoots.

These stunning hills are located right off the road, but I would recommend wearing comfy shoes since the sand can be tough in heels and you do have to climb up the hills to get the views. You can also go barefoot, but just be careful of little sticks and pokies right under the surface. My recommendation? Bring some sandals that you can slip on and off and then ditch them for the photos. This location is pretty remote so make sure you fill up on gas, and stock up on snacks and water. Cell service can be iffy, so make sure to plan!

6) Tibble Fork Reservoir

Another one of the top-requested locations, Tibble Fork Reservoir is beautiful all year-round. The road stays fairly clear even in the winter so you can drive in and then explore on foot. The evergreen pine trees provide stunning greenery all year round, and the mix of deciduous trees bring the most vibrant colors in October. You also can’t miss the reservoir with it’s beautiful blue colors in the summer. In the winter though, the water freezes over, totally changing the views and landscape.

There is a $6 fee to enter American Fork Canyon, and this location can get really popular so if you want a more private session, I definitely recommend scheduling it for a weekday session, or doing a sunrise session. This location is dog-friendly and has so many areas to explore, so even if you’ve had a photoshoot here before, I promise we can find some new spots you haven’t had photos taken before.

7) Emigration Canyon

Emigration Canyon is like my secret little gem filled with stunning scenery, wildflowers, lakes, lookout points and mountains. Totally free to access and just 15/20 minutes out of Salt Lake City, it is so easy to access. My favorite time to go is in June when it explodes with wild sunflowers, but it’s also beautiful in September through the end of October with all the autumn colors.

This canyon is in a watershed so no dogs are allowed through most of it, but if you want the wild sunflowers, I do know of one little spot we can access before it turns into a watershed.

One of my all time favorite family sessions was photographed in Emigration Canyon. Check out the blog post with the Alden Family here.

8) Tunnel Springs

Located in North Salt Lake, Tunnel Springs is such a fun location to explore. It’s free to access, has wide open rolling hills, and is beautiful all year-round. In the Spring, the grass turns a beautiful green, and in the Autumn, there’s beautiful fall colors and tall grass to explore. Nestled next to a cute suburban neighborhood, parking is never an issue even when this location gets busier on the weekends. This dog-friendly location is always a pleaser and I recommend it basically every chance I get.

9) Bonneville Salt Flats

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include the Bonneville Salt Flats. A totally iconic Utah location, the salt flats are located just outside of Wendover, Nevada – About 1.5 hours outside of Salt Lake City. Accessible all year-round, the salt flats are a huge expanse of flat land with unique salt that crystalizes on the ground. At certain times of the year, usually Winter and Spring, the flats will flood with a thin layer of salt water, totally changing the landscape. The white ground is sure to make your engagement photos stand out.

There are two ways to access this location, with the easiest being right off a rest stop on I-80 Westbound. You can also take exit 4 toward Bonneville, Speedway and drive down a long road that will lead you to another entrance.

P.S. I know of a “super secret” faux Salt Flats location that’s about 45 minutes closer to Salt Lake City if you want the same effect without having to drive as far. Let me know if you want to see some galleries of it!

There you go! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of Best Utah Engagement Photo Locations and that they’ve helped inspire you. If you have any questions about these locations please don’t hesitate to connect with me and we can discuss all the details! We can also start planning your dream engagement session.

Want to see more photos from locations like these and many more? Follow me on Instagram. Want help planning your Engagement Photos or Elopement? Let’s Chat!

XX, Tami


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