How to Plan the Perfect Bear Lake Wedding

October 23, 2022

8 tips for planning a stunning Bear Lake Wedding in Utah.

This bear lake wedding with Celeste and Ivan was beautifully styled, intimate, and so full of joy. Here are 8 tips from a Utah wedding photographer to help plan a stunning Bear Lake Wedding and create memories and moments that will last a lifetime.

1. Use an AirBnB as the Venue for your micro wedding

Bear Lake, Utah is full of tons of vacation perfect vacation AirBnB’s for weddings and intimate gatherings. This one had the perfect view of the lake, with a huge grassy area that was ideal for setting up a beautiful ceremony, dinner tables, and party area. Here’s a link to it if you love these photos and think they would be perfect for your wedding too!

Beautiful Bear Lake, Utah AirBnB for Micro-Weddings.

2. Invite your closest friends and family and have them help you get ready

Having a wedding in a unique location like Bear Lake, Utah gives you the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and family for the perfect getaway. They’ll be so excited to spend the weekend with you and help you get ready. My pro-tip? Do a first look with your bridesmaids.

3. Combine Decorations that are unique to you with coastal and lake themed decor to bring everything together beautifully

All the little cities around bear lake are so focused on nature, and the lake. By using coastal-themed decor while adding your own little touches, everything will feel cohesive and naturally designed. It will allow the lake to stand out with it’s natural beauty, while bringing the attention to you and your love with little details.

4. Take your time with your ceremony.

One of the biggest mistakes I see, especially with destination weddings is rushing the ceremony. I’m not saying you should have everyone give a speech and make it 45 minutes long. I’m just saying that you should fully enjoy the moment, take it all in, and share your vows with each other no matter how long or short. Because when it comes down to it, this is YOUR day and everyone is there for YOU. If you have more to say, or more traditions you want to incorporate, DO IT! Celeste and Ivan shared their vows, and then had her grandmother bring them their rings and it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t be afraid to customize EVERYTHING. There is so much build-up, and so much celebrating to do afterwards. Just take that moment, and really live in it. A bear lake wedding is perfect for this since it’s such a unique, lake-town. It feels natural to slow down and just enjoy the moment.

5. Do family and group photos right after the ceremony while everyone is together

This is always my #1 recommendation for ALL weddings. By doing family and group photos right after your ceremony, everyone is already in one place and you’re able to get them over with so that you can get back to the party! Family photos are important, but they’re not the most important thing. Do them, enjoy them, and just include the people who are MOST IMPORTANT to you. This will help them go quicker, so you can join the rest of your guests. And of course, grab some cute pictures of just the two of you.

6. Make sure to set some time aside for just the two of you. For photos, but also just to relax for a minute.

Your wedding day is HUGE! And if you aren’t getting ready together, then chances are you won’t actually get any time together until everything is already happening. My tip? Set aside some time right after the ceremony and any group pictures to just be together, take the moment in, and sneak in some cute photos. Especially for a Bear Lake Wedding, make sure to take in the views and all the beautiful nature surrounding you.

7. Dance and party the night away!!

You did it! You got married, you had an amazing day, and now it’s time to relax, and party with your favorite people. I am ALL for a good dance party, plus the photos are always the best.

8. Last but not least, make sure to hire a photographer who is going to tell your story in a beautiful and meaningful way!

It’s easy to photograph posed moments and all the expected photos, but when you can get your gallery back from your bear lake wedding and all the little moments you didn’t even realize were happening are captured too, it makes the whole experience 1000 times better. Find a photographer who will capture the stars on the night you were married, and the photo of your grandma out on the dance floor. There are so many moments and aspects that make up your day and tell your story, so make sure to hire someone who will be able to photograph it all uniquely and intentionally. Pro-tip? I can do that <3

If you’ve loved what you’ve seen here and want help planning your own micro-wedding, contact me! I’d love to chat.

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xx, Tami


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