Stunning Silver Lake Utah Couples Photos, Autumn Mountain Lake Session

December 4, 2022

JC and Cassidy were SO much fun to work with. We could smell the pines, had amazing lake reflections, and ran around as the sun went down. This session was the perfect way to capture the end of the autumn colors up in the Utah Canyons. Keep reading to find out why this location is one of my favorites and enjoy these silver lake utah couples photos.

couple sitting under pine tree

We started by walking along the boardwalks that go around Silver Lake. They’re perfectly tucked into the tall grass, and make this a super accessible location while still giving mountain vibes.

couple walking along boardwalk

The grass was a beautiful golden color! With the end of fall, we were still able to get the last of the bright orange and yellow aspens.

My personal favorite part of this location though? The pines. From the entrance to the lake, it’s only about a 5 minute walk all along the boardwalk until you’re suddenly in the middle of an amazing pine forest. They are all so tall and right along the water and gives an amazing PNW vibe right in the middle of Utah.

If you want to see another Utah location with the most amazing Washington/Oregon vibes, check out this session with Sydney and Kathryn on Utah Lake.

Couple walking in pine forest
couple walking in pine forest

Then, we found the perfect little nook right by the water. The reflections were so stunning and JC and Cassidy were down to cuddle up and just enjoy the views.

Couple holding hands in front of lake

Finally, we made our way along the boardwalk back to the parking lot. Of course we snagged a few more cute moments along the way. I loved this amazing autumn mountain lake so much and Silver Lake was the perfect location for a quick little couples session.

JC and Cassidy, thank’s so much for having so much fun with me for these Silver Lake Utah couples photos. You two were such a joy to meet and and I absolutely loved every second of this.

xx, Tami


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